School Lunch Options

1. Bring a lunch from home


You can order and pay for prepaid lunches conveniently online at our school store or in the office. Prepaid lunches include: entree, side, drink, and fruit. Big Lion lunches additional include a double entree. The cost per day for prepaid lunches are $2.50 for Little Lion and $3.50 for Big Lion.

A prepaid lunch may be ordered each lunch day of the week:

    • Sandwich Monday

A freshly made turkey sandwich from Kneaders Bakery

    • Taco Tuesday

A tasty soft-shelled beef taco from Taco Time

    • Pizza Wednesday

A yummy slice of pepperoni pizza from Little Caesars

    • Nugget Thursday

A delicious 4-piece chicken nugget from Taco Time (NEW)

Be mindful of deadlines for prepaid lunch ordering:

Lunch Dates

Orders Due

Aug 22 – Sep 29 August 19th
Oct 3 – Dec 1 September 19th
Dec 5 – Feb 2 November 21st
Feb 6 – Mar 30 January 23rd
Apr 10 – May 25th March 20th

3. Simplified Snack Shack

Bring cash to purchase a l­a ­carte items from a minimal selection that includes: 2 cold entrees for $1 or $2 and a 50¢ bin containing 6 healthful sides and 2 drinks. Snack Shack will be open during all lunches.

Forgotten Lunch

If your child forgets their lunch, they will be directed to the front office to call home. If a parent is unable tobring lunch in for that day, the student will be provided with an lunch at Snack Shack (entree, side, drink).The cost is $2.00 and payment should be made the following day to the front office.