Mountainville Academy is a free (no tuition) public K-9 charter school located in Alpine Utah that opened in 2006. At the heart of our philosophy is the desire to foster partnership between teachers, parents, and students and help to develop each child into a well-rounded, knowledgeable, and confident person of character.

Our school is built upon a foundation of building leaders through academic and personal excellence.

  • Strong Academic Focus – We believe that success in Language Arts and Math leads to success in all areas of study, which in turn builds confidence, a love of learning, and a desire to pursue more knowledge.
  • Well-Rounded Education – Our curriculum integrates academic subjects and the study of other cultures, historical events, science, and fine arts. Each subject is structured and sequenced to build upon each consecutive year.
  • Character Development – We believe that building cooperative relationships and nurturing responsibility will develop the WHOLE child - socially, emotionally academically and ethically - thereby fostering a climate of principle centered and personal leadership.
  • Leveled Learning – The varied academic levels of each student are addressed through instruction in small, flexible groups so that less advanced students receive the help they need and more advanced students stay challenged. We teach to the development level of each child and differentiate learning experiences.
  • Small Class Environment – Class sizes consist of about 25 students and are taught by licensed teachers with instructors in all elementary classes.