Dockets and Learning Plans


Mountainville Academy strives to ensure effective communication between home and the school through the use of a docket and accompanying learning plan. The docket is an expandable wallet-like folder containing colored file folders for each of the student's subjects and helps students keep all their paperwork in one place for easy access at school as well as at home.

Mountainville Academy provides each new student with one docket at no cost. Students keep the docket from year to year and are responsible for taking care of their docket. If the docket is lost, damaged or unusable, parents must purchase another one from the front office.

Learning Plans

In K-4, students receive new learning plans each week outlining what will be taught in each subject that week, as well as space to facilitate communication between parents and the teacher. The learning plan must be kept in the docket to ensure students have it in every class and at home. Parents are expected to review the learning plan daily, sign-off on required reading and homework for the day, and place the learning plan back in the front of the docket. Learning Plans are part of your child's overall homeroom grade and should be returned to your child's teacher the following Monday.

5th grade students use a student planner in order to prepare for their transition to Middle School. Students are expected to write down what they have learned and any assignments for each subject throughout the day. These planners also should be brought home daily and returned to school the following day with appropriate signatures.

For more information or to order a docket, folders, and/or elastic closures, please contact the front office.