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According to an old saying, sometimes attributed to Napolean Bonaparte, "A picture is worth a thousand words."  If a picture is worth a thousand words, the Mountainville Academy emblem represents the first visual conversation people will engage in when being introduced to the school.  As a visual method of communication, the emblem illustrates to the public the school’s identity, and expresses the character, philosophy, and basic principles of the school with its symbols.


The diploma is indicative of scholarly achievement and is built into the structure of the emblem. It is at the top to portray the accomplishment of personal and academic excellence.

The starburst acts as a beacon, lighting the way to the diploma. It represents qualities that lead to achievement, such as wisdom, integrity, perseverance, leadership and personal responsibility.

The key is a tool to unlock. It represents the tools we will use to unlock the individual potential of each child. The heart and key are together to express that the key to knowledge is the love of learning.

The globe suggests a worldwide, inclusive perspective. It communicates a desire to look outside ourselves, expand our horizons and understand the world and other cultures with which we co-exist.

Ivy is evergreen, thereby symbolic of things that are lasting or constant. It grows undeterred, further symbolizing determination and courage.

Blue traditionally characterizes truth and loyalty; burgundy, patience in battle, yet victorious.

The book represents knowledge received through instruction and study. It is open to indicate that knowledge is accessible to everyone, and gestured upward to demonstrate a goal-driven education. The pages are in movement, conveying progression towards the goal of achievement.


The united hands illustrate the partnership between parents and teachers. They form the base of the emblem as one of the basic foundations of the school.



Emblem designed by
Daniel Ruesch Design



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